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Your Defined Benefit Group
Retirement Plan

Your Defined Benefit Group Retirement Plan is a retirement benefit, sponsored by KTRS, which pays a defined amount upon retirement based on length of service and final average salary of the employee, along with a retirement multiplier. KTRS retirement eligibility is determined by the employee's age and years of service. The service retirement benefit is a lifetime benefit and is guaranteed by KTRS.

Defined Benefit Plan - A Better

National Institute on Retirement

To qualify for a defined benefit group retirement pension, an employee must become vested. Vesting is the length of service required to qualify for a retirement benefit.

The vesting period varies among employers. Most defined benefit group retirement pension plans provide an automatic or periodic cost-of-living increase to protect the benefit from inflation. Most also provide a survivor’s benefit, as well as a disability benefit. Approximately 90% of all public employees in the United States participate in a defined benefit pension plan, making these plans the dominant retirement benefit among public employees.

You may contact the Social Security office or visit their website at for details.


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